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 SkyValue Policies
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SkyValue?
SkyValue is an indirect air carrier providing air travel at affordable rates. SkyValue offers flights operated by Xtra Airways.

When will SkyValue start flying?
December 15th, 2006.

What kind of planes will SkyValue fly?
Boeing 737-800 in an all economy class configuration.

Where will SkyValue fly to?
Initially from Chicago to Las Vegas, NV, the Phoenix Area using the Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, AZ, Orlando International Airport, FL, St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

SkyValue Airports and distance to down town cities:

Gary Chicago International Airport 25 miles to down town Chicago
Orlando International Airport - 6.5 miles to down town Orlando
St. Petersburg Clearwater International Airport 4 miles to St. Petersburg - 15 miles to Tampa
Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport 4 miles to down town Ft. Lauderdale
McCarran International Airport 4 miles to down town Las Vegas
Williams Gateway International Airport 16 miles to Mesa & 30 miles to Phoenix.

Where will SkyValue be based?
Corporate Headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Operations are based at the Gary/Chicago International Airport, Gary, Indiana.

Who is the SkyValue management team?
President Robert Masson
Chief Executive Officer Darrell Richardson
Chief Operations Officer - Donald Millroy
Sr. Executive Vice President Gabrielle Griswold

What are SkyValue fares?
SkyValue fares are priced competitively with introductory fares of $79.00 one way to Las Vegas, Orlando and the Phoenix area, $129.00 to St. Petersburg/Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale. Not included are federal excise tax of 7.5%, federal tax up to $3.30 per takeoff and landing, airport taxes up to $9.00 and government imposed September 11 Security Fee of up to $5.00.

How can I buy a ticket?
Reservations and ticket purchase can be completed with ease and convenience via the FlySkyValue web site (http://www.flyskyvalue.com/), through your local travel agent utilizing the code XP in Amadeus, Sabre or Worldspan GDS systems, or by calling 1 866-796-6117. Cash only sales are possible at the Gary/Chicago International Airport.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?
Please see our web site at www.flyskyvalue.com.

What credit cards do you accept?
American Express, MasterCard and VISA.

Is there a frequent flyer program and how do I enroll?
At this time there is no frequent flyer program.

Do I need to reconfirm?
Passengers must confirm flights as well as arrival and departure terminal information 24 hours in advance of travel at the call center.

Can I change my ticket and if so how do I go about it?
Every ticket is sold with its own set of rules and regulations which you would have been advised at time of booking. If you purchased your ticket through SkyValue, please contact SkyValue reservations. If you purchased your ticket through a travel agent, please call your agent or their designated representative.

What time do I check in?
The suggested check in time is 90 minutes prior to your flight departure time.

Can I arrange a visit to the flight deck?
For security reasons, visits to the flight deck are not permitted.

Are there on board amenities?
Yes, Soft drinks, water, juices along with peanut and pretzel packs or fresh baked cookies will be served complimentary. Wines and liquors are available for $5.00. Food for purchase is available for $4.00. Inflight entertainment is complimentary using your own personal headphones. Should you wish to purchase ear buds, they are available for $3.00.

Do you have Children/Infant and Senior Citizen fares?
Children pay the standard adult fare. Infants under the age of 2 years not holding a seat will be carried for free. At this time Senior Citizen discounts are not applicable.

Do you accept unaccompanied minors?
Yes we do. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 years traveling alone are accepted and pay the regular adult fare. Please let us know that a child will be traveling unaccompanied when making their reservation and be prepared to supply the reservation agent with the name, address and phone number, as it appears on the photo ID of the person dropping off and picking up the child. There is a $25.00 fee each way for unaccompanied minors which will be assessed at time of check in for each flight. We request that the person dropping off the child remains in the terminal until the flight has departed. Picking up unaccompanied minors Please arrive at the airport no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival.

Do you offer special assistance (Medical, wheelchair, meet and assist)?
Yes, however, when booking through the GDS please send an SSR message or contact FlySkyValue directly by calling 1 866-796-6117. Requests for special assistance must be made at least 48 hours before departure.

What kind of documentation do I need to travel?
Aside from your ticket or travel receipt, a valid government issued ID (i.e. Passport, Birth Certificates, State issued ID, Drivers License). Passengers who do not have the required travel documents at time of check in will not be able to travel.

What is your free baggage allowance?
Baggage allowance is 50 pounds (two bags maximum, plus one carry-on not to exceed 45 inches combined overall dimensions) per paying passenger. Any excess, overweight or over sized bags will be accepted subject to load restrictions and at additional charges. The charges are: Excess baggage $50.00 for each piece after the free allowed. Overweight baggage: $25.00 from 50 to 70 pounds and $65.00 from 71 to 100 pounds.

Oversize baggage up to a maximum size of 80 inches for a fee of $65.00 per bag. Bags over 80 inches will not be accepted. NOTE: All checked bags MUST be unlocked for security purposes.

How are lost or damaged baggage claims handled?
All claims for lost or damaged baggage must be filed at the point of final destination to the Xtra Airways baggage service representative. A claims report must be completed and a copy will be given to the passenger. An Xtra Airways baggage service representative will trace each claim and contact the passenger with a status.

Is there Carry-on allowance?
Yes. SkyValue passengers are restricted to one carry-on item and one personal item. Personal items include handbags, umbrellas, walking sticks, crutches, coats, cameras, reading matter, infant food, briefcases and laptop computers.

Do you allow pets?
Yes. Only two pets are permitted per flight as carry on. Your one pet and carrier will be counted as your personal item. Pets, including dogs, cats and household birds,(canaries, finches, parakeets) can travel with you if they are small enough to fit and stay comfortably in an approved container under the seat in front of you. This would mean no larger than 8.5 high x 17 long x 12 wide. The weight of the pet plus carrier cannot exceed 40 Pounds. The passenger will not be permitted in a row immediately behind the bulkhead or adjacent to an emergency exit. Tropical birds such as Parrots are not permitted. Seeing Eye Dogs are always welcome.

The animal must remain in the container while on board the aircraft and the container must be closed and sealed from time of entry into the aircraft until after deplaning.

Limit one animal per container, one container per passenger. Passengers traveling with pets as carry-on must indicate so at time of booking.

Pets that are larger than allowed to travel in the cabin must be checked. Only one animal traveling as checked baggage is permitted per flight. The maximum weight of the animal must not exceed 50 pounds. The pet must travel in an approved container that must not exceed 20 pounds. A non-refundable fee of $65.00 per flight will apply.